Panorama Dreams

by Panorama Dreams

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este disco foi gravado e produzido em casa, no mês de novembro de 2015, na cidade de macaé/rj.


released December 9, 2015

letras, músicas e arranjos, autoria de Panorama Dreams.



all rights reserved


Panorama Dreams Macaé, Brazil

O duo Panorama Dreams surgiu em Macaé-RJ, no final de 2012, como resultado do interesse em criar música eletrônica punk. Beats mecânicos, guitarras distorcidas, sons sintéticos sustentam um vocal fluido e doce, criando diferentes texturas.

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Track Name: friends and fools
in a discotheque friends and fools don't stop
eu tenho a brisa eu tenho o feeling eu tenho o som
when my home gets so warm
in a disco dance
bora! se então, partiu! tiupar!
the sun is down when the sound gets so loud
it’s the rain time
the waves of carnaval
vamos lá, só pra ver no que dá
it's better when you don't call me the only one
i don't want to let you go
because i want to keep the embrace
(with you everything is fine)
i don’t want to go home
how many days do i still have by your side?!
is it really dark or just cold…?!
it's late to go back home on my own…
Track Name: northstar
maybe it's just a fantasy
i’m sure it’s better dance with me
love, in love, boy
i just feel in love with you, boy
hey you
'cause everything will be ok
everything will be alright
i just wanna get high
Track Name: moon dances
feel the waves as they come and go
and you dance seven steps away in four times showing different parts
feel the waves as they come and go
spread bright light then flies
celebrate with the stars
the brilliant party of the night
dance moon!
Track Name: springtime
spending time is not living, at all
life's best things are invisible
as restless as we are
season is coming... springtime!
would you shine in the tv screen?
sparkles in a full blank scene
colors blooming every time like fireworks in the sky
call all your friends and come down the streets
take some beers, sunglasses, some drinks
let this song beating loud 'till the sun
sounding loud and warm
sunrise! springtime!
Track Name: tantomar (postal)
veja bem
um pouco mais de mim
não fica feio se te eu disser
tanto mar
até porque não foi assim que se quis
se despedir num cartão postal
clap your hands and stand up
it's another phase all that haze is gone
veja bem...
tanto mar!
fica difícil eu descrever
talvez no dia que você voltar…
enquanto a cidade cresce eu continuo no mesmo lugar
tão grande o tempo se esquece
(from here i feel those buildings falling down)